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VSCC Brooklands Driving Tests

Roundup of Other Events in 2023


New member Dee Searle took part in the VSCC Brooklands Driving Tests on 29th January 2023 in her 1935 FN-BMW 315. This unusual and attractive car has 3 position drop head coupe coachwork by E Bertelli. 

Dee should have been presented with a cup at the AGM but was unfortunately unable to attend. This deficiency was remedied recently by Kate Clarke-Kennedy. A photo of the presentation is shown here.


VSCC - SUSSEX TOUR - by Kate Clark-Kennedy

Tony and I decided that we would attend the VSCC Sussex Tour which started near Midhurst in the 319 Cabriolet.  Although we thought we would know most of the roads, in actual fact the trip took us down lots of interesting new roads and luckily the route instructions were brilliant, so we didn’t get lost.  When we arrived at the Pub for the start we were surprised and delighted to find David and Kate Cottingham already there with their gorgeous BMW 327/28 and Richard Wills, not driving his BMW this time but in his lovely Riley 1.5.  I thoroughly recommend this as a delightful day out discovering parts of Sussex you never knew existed. 




Richard Gatley has been active in VSCC sprint and hill-climb events during 2023 and has begun to attract the attention of photographers. Mark Ballard captured his FN-BMW saloon at several venues, including Shelsley Walsh, Prescott and Loton Park. Richard is seen here at speed on the famous hill at Prescott on August 6th, 2023.






Held on 1st October 2023, this end of season event saw Eliza and Richard Wyldes enter their 1939 BMW 328 registration number TYU 47 in the Edwardian and Vintage Car Demonstration Sprint.

The event held at Old Warden Aerodrome celebrated Richard Shuttleworth’s great passion for racing cars, aircraft, motorcycles and horses, his love for mechanical engineering and the incredible legacy he left for us to enjoy.

The Race Day Air show brought together icons of the aviation and motor world both on the grass runway and in the Bedfordshire skies.

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