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Official BMW Club

Official BMW Club

Official BMW Club


BMW 319

Date of manufacture


Bodywork type(s)

Saloon, Cabriolet, Tourer, Limo /Cabriolet.


Type Saloon, Cabriolet, Tourer, Limo /Cabriolet.

Capacity 1911cc

Bore x stroke 65mm x 96mm

Power 45bhp @3750rpm and 55bhp @ 4000rpm versions

Compression 5.6:1

Carburettors Type 45; 2, Solex 26 mm updraught.Type 55 ; 3 Solex 30 mm sidedraught

Valve design Overhead, 2 per cylinder

Valve gear Camshaft in block. Push rods, rocker s, tappets and springs

Electrics 6 volt


Clutch Dry single disc. Fichtel & Sachs, K 10 , 180 mm dia.

Gearbox ratios


1st                   3.65:1

2nd                  2.22:1

3rd                   1.51:1

4th                  1.00:1

Axle ratio 4.38

Synchromesh 3rd and 4th


Frame Lightweight “A”-frame with two longitudinal tubular members,

with varying diameter from 90 mm to 60 mm dependent on load,

and three rectangular cross members

Suspension Front: Transverse leaf spring with lower wishbones

 and integral single acting shock absorbers.

Rear: Longitudinal leaf springs with rigid axle

and lever arm double acting shock absorbers.

Foot operated one shot central oil lubrication system.

Steering Rack and pinion

Brakes Four wheel Bendix cable

Handbrake, cable on rear wheels


Wheelbase 2400mm

Track front/rear 1153/1220 or 1270 mm (depending on type of body)

Length/width 3900mm x 1440 or 1500 mm (depending on type of body)

Tyres 5.25 x 16


Fuel capacity 40 litres

Max speed 72 mph

Number produced 6646

Club Mailing Address

BMW Historic Motor Club
Lower Norgrove,
Yarrington Road,

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