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Wheels for sale

I have 6 wheels for sale, spares for the 319/28 special Tom Thornton and I used to own.

Photo 1 shows 5 numbered items as follows:

  1. 16 inch wheel in good condition, no cracks, plus serviceable Excelsior “Competition V Racing” tyre

      2, 3 & 4:  are repaired 16 inch wheels. Laser welded and crack tested but not ground down or painted.

      5. 16 inch wheel – cracked, awaiting repair.

Photo 2 shows item 6: one well drilled wheel, not cracked, suitable workshop or testing use, but NOT for competition use.

There is also another serviceable Excelsior tyre, as in photo 1

Prefer to sell as one lot.

Offers over £400 please.

Please note – the email address is info@historiccars.co (NOT ‘UK’)







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