The BMW Historic Motor Club UK was founded in 2006. Its purpose is:

  • to encourage the use and preservation of historic BMW, Frazer Nash-BMW, EMW, Dixi, Veritas and AFM cars
  • to maintain a register of members and their cars
  • to provide technical information
  • to organise events and encourage social contact between members.

The Club is a member of the Classic and Type Club Section of the International Council of BMW Clubs and as such officially recognised by BMW.

The Club defines the following as eligible historic cars:

All BMW, Frazer Nash-BMW, Dixi, EMW, Veritas and AFM cars made up to and including the 500 series (excluding ‘Neue Klasse’ cars), 3200, Isetta, 600 and 700 models.

Specials based on an eligible BMW chassis and engine may be accepted at the discretion of the Committee.


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