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1939 BMW 327/328

1939 BMW 327/28 left hand drive Cabriolet, Chassis 74464 was delivered on the 25th March of that year to Prince Bernadotte of Stockholm in the non-standard colour of “Blue”. A sound car having been taken off the road some 20 years ago a few years after having been imported from South America by Colin Crabbe in about 1988 and UK registered OSU 508 with V5. The engine was dismantled for a rebuild. Much work done but yet to be re – assembled . Unusual opening tail containing the spare knock off wheel. Reupholstered but with little use since. Will require respray and new hood. Price reflects condition offers around £90,000. Please note that some of the attached photographs were taken before the car was taken off the road two decades ago. Additional photographs taken in September 2016 are available on request. Please call Mark Garfitt in the first instance. 01981 541133 or Email: markgarfitt319@btinternet.com

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